JR Colombian Emeralds by JR Jewels

JR COLOMBIAN EMERALDS is an American company founded in 1995 by Jorge Rodriguez as a supplier of Natural Colombian emeralds. Here at JR Emeralds we hand selects pieces from thousands of loose natural Colombian emeralds. Our stones are produced in the world famous Muzo mine in Colombia.

Creative and extraordinary designs fulfill the needs of all our international clientele. We also source our emeralds from the Coscuez, La Pita and the Chivor mines. Emeralds that are sourced from these mines break world records and are housed in the most prestigious of Museums in the United States and abroad.

We are proud to have assembled a world class team of classically trained GIA resident jewelers and designers that have dedicated their lives to the art of creating jewelry. Our team has a combined experience of over 90 years.

Our jewelers have been trained and have apprenticed with the most prestigious jewelers of our time. Talent can also be found within our jewelry designers that hold several degrees in art and history. Studying new trends and techniques puts us head and shoulders above our competition.

Jorge Rodriguez was born in Samacá, Colombia. From a family of four siblings and boyacense parents, Carlos Rodriguez and Mercedes Sierra. From a young age, during his summer vacations his paternal grandfather led him to explore boyacenses mines. Since then, this young man was left captivated by one of the finest gems in the world, the Colombian emerald.

Boyacá is a state in Colombia, known internationally for its magnificent mine productions. Jorge is a native near one of the most exquisite mines in the world “Muzo,” which produces the finest emeralds in the world, otherwise known as “Gotas de Aceite.” In 1987, he arrived in the United States where he began distributing Emeralds and working with the most renowned jewelers throughout Palm Beach, Florida. In 2004, he opened his own jewelry store in Jupiter, Florida. Which has been maintained so far, achieving recognition in many corners of the world.